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Are you ready to unlock the transformative potential of Direct Response style Email Marketing?
 Together, we can craft a fluff-free approach that speaks to your customers problems, pains and challenges in a way that matches your brand's essence.

In the crowded ecommerce world, your brand equity and the value of your name will make or break your success. Yet, there is a hard-to-avoid downside of too much predictability that can cause many parts of your business, namely revenue, to stagnate.

This leaves business owners stuck between a rock and a hard place—and it’s a juncture we've helped with some of the highest level ecommerce brands we both know, navigate. While the prospect of being entrapped in a price-based competition dungeon looms we’ve developed a reliable and sustainable way out of this bind.

Your brand holds a very unique spot in the marketplace.  By fusing your Brand’s unique imprint, with our Direct-Response Email Marketing approach, we'll rewrite the rules of engagement, refining your journey, and your customers journey towards perpetual success

So what does this actually mean?

Sending more plain-text emails
Sending SMS messages that talk more about the features and benefits of the products
Differentiating flows between non-buyers, buyers and VIP customers
Emailing your buyers more often, while rewarding brand loyalty
Discover the transformative potential we bring to your Supplement, CBD, or Skincare brand. Together, we'll craft an ingenious customer retention system founded on proven marketing principles, tailored precisely to your brand's essence.

In the dynamic realm of e-commerce, the allure of 'brand equity' and reputation can launch products to great heights. Yet, as time unfolds, even the most successful strategies can lose their edge, succumbing to predictability.

This juncture poses a challenge for entrepreneurs—a juncture we're poised to navigate with finesse. The precipice of being entrapped in a price-based competition looms, endangering the prospects of sustained growth.

But picture a different scenario—an ideal realm where contemporary branding and timeless Direct-Response Copywriting converge harmoniously. This synergy achieves the delicate equilibrium between assertive promotion and unwavering brand loyalty.

Join us in sculpting this realm for your brand's ascendancy. Together, we'll rewrite the rules of engagement, redefining your journey towards perpetual success.

Why Us?

Industry Knowledge

We have been on both sides of the business. We understand the customer journey because we have experienced it and now we're going to master it.

Results or you don't pay

Working with us is a win-win. If we don't provide results for you, you don't pay.

Professional Team

We are athletes turned direct response marketing specialists. We couple our experience with proven principles to help your Email & SMS Marketing reach its full potential

Here’s our 3-step process for working together with brands like yours

P.O.O. - Our 3-fold work process


1. Run a Klaviyo audit
2. Check and optimize deliverability
3. Research products, customers & competitors
4. Send your personalized 90 day plan


1. Setup pop-up form to get list signups
2. Rewrite + design core email & SMS Flow
3. Setup first 2 weeks worth of campaigns


1. Dial in campaigns
2. Test new angles and headlines
3. Send weekly status updates via slack

Don't take our word for it


"Working with James was a pleasure. He was a fantastic communicator, he was on time with deliverables, and it was easy to tell the effort he put into his campaigns. I’d highly recommend James for any email copywriting needs, especially in the supplement space."
Nathan Miller
Director of CRM and Retention at Prime6 Brands.



"I was in need of a new writer for Email Marketing and its maintenance. After Interviewing several consultants for the position, I found I was Drawn to James' fresh style of writing and his motivation and his motivation. He was very direct about explaining why he wanted the position and what he could do for Kirkman. My intuition was correct. In just a few months, he has greatly increased our distribution list and income through Email marketing. He definitely achieved what he promised and what I was looking for in an Email Marketing Consultant. He is well-versed in his field and consistently makes suggestions for improvement. I highly recommend James DeSantis if you are looking to expand your email customer base and approve your sales through Email Marketing."
Nicholas Chiacchiaro
Marketing Manager at Kirkman Group Inc.